Red Hat Command Center

Tools: DocBook XML, vim, Inkscape, Gimp, Adobe FrameMaker, OpenOffice Impress

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Red Hat Command Center is an online system monitoring service with fast and simple setup and use. Its strengths lie with its software-as-a-service model; upgrades and updates are seamless, there is no software to install or extra software or hardware to buy, and its straightforward interface makes it easy to configure without training or high-level skills.

High Points:
  • The documentation set includes a 200-page users manual, 250-page check reference, 50-page daemon installation guide, 5-page quick start guide, and release notes
  • I converted the existing Adobe FrameMaker documentation to DocBook XML
  • I completely rewrote of the users manual and daemon installation guide, added new check sections, integrated Flash examples with the documentation, reformatted the checks reference, and created the quick start guide
  • I collaborated in creating and editing marketing materials, whitepapers, and other support documentation
  • I drafted training presentations for sales teams and customers

Sample: User's Guide

Excel Energy

Tools: Sun OpenOffice, Corel WordPerfect, Gimp, Dia

Excel Energy Technologies, Ltd., logo

Excel Energy Technologies makes an industry-innovative hybrid wireless HVAC and facilities management system which controls when heating and cooling units, fans, and electrical machines and appliances on preset schedules for better energy conservation.

High Points:
  • I created new documentation for the web-based configuration interface (200 pages) and corresponding quick start guide (30 pages), equipment installation manual (150 pages) and field manual (15 page booklet)
  • I created new cover and graphic designs for all manuals
  • I developed and documented QA procedures for the user interface and equipment, as well as conducting QA functionality testing

Red Hat Certificate System

Tools: DocBook XML, vim, Inkscape, Gimp

Red Hat Certificate System is a unique security tool to create and manage certificates for protecting data, authenticating users, managing tokens and smart cards, and implementing secure communication.

Red Hat, Inc., logo High Points:
  • The documentation set includes a 400-page administration guide, 150-page agents guide, 100-page command-line tools guide, and 25 page-client guide.
  • I cleaned-up of all documentation after a conversion from Adobe FrameMaker documentation to DocBook XML
  • I rewrote of the administrators and client guides and added new chapters to the administrators and agents guides for new subsystems

Samples: Complete 7.2 documentation


Tools: DocBook XML, vim, Inkscape, Gimp, Adobe FrameMaker

PlanetInform publishes international business directories, product lines, and market and industry reports, specializing in Russia and the Newly Independent States. For over a year I was a freelance project editor, editing, reviewing, and rewriting business communication, marketing materials, product catalogs, advertising materials, and promotional materials. I also designed fliers, catalogs, ads, and web pages and edited website content.

  • I designed several HTML-based advertisements, created the graphics and layout design, and edited the content for accuracy, consistency, and style
  • I designed their 2007 product catalog and CD sleeves and promotional posters, fliers, and marketing materials for conferences in 2006
  • I designed 20-page catalog for consulting and services for Western companies to begin doing business in Russia
  • I designed and edited multiple advertising fliers for different audiences and conferences.
  • I edited numerous catalogs, fliers, business correspondence, presentations, and publications for style, grammar, and content
  • I edited the titles and descriptions of nearly 100 published titles for PlanetInform's online store listings and edited the product descriptions in several catalogs
  • I updated, laid out, designed and edited web pages and web content for the PlanetInform site

Samples: Web page layout with content edits and limited JavaScript or site-standard layout; other design examples are available in the gallery

Red Hat Directory Server

Tools: Adobe FrameMaker, Microsoft FrontPage, WebWorks Standard, vim, Gimp Red Hat, Inc., logo

Red Hat Directory Server, the basis for Red Hat's Identity Management line, is an enterprise-level LDAP directory server which manages user information, groups, data, and access control rules, with integrated security features like SASL, Kerberos, and GSS-API to enable single-sign-on. It can handle millions of entries in distributed deployments across wide area networks with ease.

  • The documentation set covers a comprehensive GUI and command-line tools administrators guide, command-line tools guide, schema reference, deployment guide, and installation manual
  • I added more than 150 pages of new documentation, covering twelve new features and two versions
  • I updated, rebranded, and edited almost 2500 pages of documentation through two software releases
  • I tested the software product manually through the beta and RTM test cycles; created manual test plans for new features
  • I edited white papers, release notes, and other support documentation

Samples: Complete 7.0 & 7.1 documentation

Reviews: Network Computering (the "wow factor revealed"), eWeek (extensive and well-written documentation), & Unix Review

Position Research

Tools: Microsoft Word

Position Research is a search engine optimization and web development company. For them, I Position Rsearch logo write SEO articles and keyword-rich web page content. Usually, I write technical articles, covering articles ranging from colocation facilities to laser hair removal.

High Points:
  • I wrote unique, keyword-rich content for 15 microsites (75 pages) for a major spam and content filtering company
  • I manage, outline, and research multiple articles for SEO campaigns on technical and industry-specific subjects

Sample: Web content for filtering appliances

VEXIS Systems

VEXIS Systems logoTools: Microsoft Word, Dia/Microsoft Visio

VEXIS Systems makes interactive voice response (IVR) software and servers for major corporations and businesses with a simple-to-use tracking, reporting, and management console called VIA.

High Points:
  • I wrote and edited a 60-page software installation manual
  • I wrote and edited a 60-page software configuration manual
  • I designed the manual covers and page layouts, including new graphics for headings

Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Tools: Mac OS 8 & 9

I worked as the weekend and general assignment reporter for the Bozeman Daily Chronicle in Bozeman, Montana. My "beat" partially included the city of Livingston, Montana, and Park County, as well as entertainment and local events in Bozeman.

  • I wrote all articles in the 20-page Christmas 2004 advertising insert.
  • I developed stories, coordinated interviews, and cultivated contacts in city/county government and local organizations to write government, feature, and news stories.
  • I routinely covered the arts, including local theater and musicians.
Bozeman Chronicle logo


Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Jan. 9, 2004: Two nights on the town: open mic at the Leaf and Bean. Funky little piece about going to an open mic poetry reading at a coffee shop one night, followed by open mic bluegrass the next.

Aug. 16, 2004: The first response. The first responders (firefighters, law enforcement, dispatchers, and ER personnel) in Gallatin County have a critical incident stress management program that they began in the wake of a horrific car crash in 1991. The counseling, support, and companionship that they offer each other to help through the worst of the cases they see is outstanding: practical, compassionate. I came away so impressed with the composure and humanity they bring to their work.

Sept. 18, 2004: Pine Creek Folk Festival. There was a kitschy festival celebrating folk music, from casual groups improvising during the day to professional performances at night. One of my favorite things to do, because it was at a camp high in the mountains, and the atmosphere was subtle and pervasive, dream-like really.

Feb. 10, 2004: The house that love built. A Habitat for Humanity House was dedicated to a young family with four daughters, the thirtieth home dedicated in the Gallatin Valley and more than any other Habitat chapter in the state.

Dec. 5, 2003: Snippets of history: Barbed wired collection offers glimpse into past. A nifty elderly man had collected hundreds of tiny strands of barbed wire from around Montana and the country.

Dec. 19, 2003: ďAm I boring you?": Livingston commission ignores residentsí pleas over plan. City government passed a blight ordinance and raised water and sewer rates despite a large community protest in a contentious city meeting.

Park County Weekly

Tools: Mac OS 8 & 9, 35mm film camera

I worked as a general assignment reporter and (mediocre) photographer for the Park County Weekly in Livingston, Montana, averaging 5-7 stories a week and covering local and county government, schools, hospitals, crime and police, and human interest features from people profiles to play reviews.

  • I won award in 2003 from Montana Newspaper Association for short feature writing.
  • I wrote all articles in, sold all advertising in, and acquired all photography and artwork in the 12-page bridal insert in January 2003.
  • I developed stories, coordinated interviews, and cultivated contacts in city/county government and local organizations to write government, feature, and news stories.
  • I covered the local entertainment scene, interviewing or reviewing local theater, musicians, authors, and artists.
  • Every week, I proofread and copyedited paper.
  • I photographed subjects using 35 mm camera and acquired photos and artwork whenever necessary.


March 12, 2003: Belles letters and belligerence. A group of high school students converged in an ad hoc protest on the eve of the Iraq war; one lone student stood across the street in support of it. All of them ditched school.

March 19, 2003: White of Winter, south of Livingston. An overview of the production of an indie flick and Sundance entry, The White of Winter, which was filmed in and around Livingston.

Jan. 18, 2003: "Absurd" comedy serves serious laughs. The local community theater put on a very good version of Sir Alan Ayckbourn's modern comedy of manners, "Absurd Person Singular."

Park County Weekly, Working at home: Margot Kidder in Bozeman tour of feminist play. Margot Kidder was starring in the V-Monologues as they toured through Bozeman. She is an incredibly nice, giving person to interview, funny, off-beat.

March 26, 2003: Spring cleaning: PCEC and FWP drag old cars out of Yellowstone. In the flooding after the big fires in Yellowstone Park in 1988, dozens of cars (and other large debris) had been swept downstream, as far as Billings 130 miles away. Two environmental groups spent a day removing old car bodies that had been wedged in the river and near banks of an elderly woman's property.

Feb. 19, 2003. Film conference in Livingston producing means for economic and creative development. A look at a professional conference of local and national movie and TV execs in Livingston to promote and sustain the local film industry.

Dec. 4, 2002: Tree City proposal sparks city commission debate. One of my favorite meetings, because of the vivacity (and colorful language) around the debates. The city proposed becoming a Tree City and creating a Tree Board, which some people objected to as a "tree gestapo" and "Frankenstein's monster."

March 5, 2003: Mental health centers facing crisis. Shifts in government funding threatened county mental health services, including drug and alcohol rehab.

March 26, 2003: Disorder in the court: State assumption of district courts leaves more questions than answers. Review of major changes in the state court system.

Dec. 4, 2002: Gate debate divides ranchers and county. A surprise decision in the county commission to review and possibly remove cattle guards and gates from county roads (not maintained by the county) caused a stir from ranchers.


"The Green Country Connection" is a twisted little story I wrote about five years ago about a (fictional) news station in Tulsa, Oklahoma (where there is near universal use of the phrase "Green Country" to describe any regional location). In an effort to boost tourism, federal grants, and ratings, the mayor and one of the news channels collaborate to stage a terrorist attack. It's satire.